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 2014-09-05 09:36:29 209.147.*.* [US] Tacoma Washington 
 2014-02-27 15:01:18 46.15.*.* [NO] As Sor-trondelag 
 2014-01-20 01:33:23 65.55.*.* [US] New York City New York 
 2013-05-05 18:40:57 131.253.*.* [US] Redmond Washington 
 2013-05-03 23:44:44 46.9.*.* [NO] Tonsberg Vestfold 
 2013-03-27 05:51:37 95.34.*.* [NO] As Akershus 
 2013-03-12 06:16:58 153.110.*.* [NO] Aalesund More Og Romsdal 
 2013-03-12 00:30:39 213.225.*.* [NO] Sandefjord Vestfold 
 2013-02-25 10:01:39 212.251.*.* [NO] Gjovik Oppland 
 2013-02-23 12:23:22 131.253.*.* [US] Redmond Washington 
 2013-02-15 12:34:04 88.89.*.* [NO] Kristiansand Vest-agder 
 2013-01-31 11:04:25 85.166.*.* [NO] As Akershus 
NAF NAF Xtra Lukk Forside Palogging Velg paloggingsalternativ BankID med brikke BankID Fodselsnummer BankID pa mobil BankID Mobilnummer Fødselsdato Neste NAF c Terra Finans og Kredittbank AS Tlf (+47 915) 09718 989 997 254
Other scam
Apr 03 2014  US.United States
I purchased the MLily queen size Bliss mattress with cooling gel, I've had it for about a month I wake up Hot on the mat
Fake product scam
Apr 02 2014  AU.Australia
Joined in Bali cant seem to get hold of anyone cant book a holiday in australia told we were linked to rci but they want
Other scam
Mar 23 2014  AU.Australia
I was trying to get an idea on price for a new windscreens for my car . This guy has saturated the Melbourne windscreen

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